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Collected video clips

Invasion of the Fuzzywhumples

Diuretic Park 2: The Revenge of the Fuzzywhumples

Love or Jealousy

Diuretic Park 3

Attack of the Fuzzywhumple

  • "John, you're dead." (332 K MOV)
    This is one of about twelve outtakes. Why is playing dead so difficult?


  • "Venom, do thy work." (456 K MOV)
    Substitute "incestuous" for "incentious" (is this even a word?) and "union" for "onion," and you'll have Shakespeare's original dialogue.

A Fuzzywhumple Christmas

Huck Finn

The Meaning of Life

Indiana Atom and the Search for the Holy Quark

The Suburban Samurai and the Adventures of Jeff

Strange People

  • Hitmen "R" Us commercial (3.7 MB MOV)
    Warning: this contains a fair amount of violence, so don't watch it if you are squeamish.

    Translation of opening narration: Are you waiting for your inheritance? Did your college professor flunk you? If so, Hitmen "R" Us can help!