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A Fuzzywhumple Christmas

Christmas 1995; 4 minutes; cast and crew of 2; approximate cost of $0; rated PG.


Sure, it's only four minutes long, but it's still the fourth movie in the fuzzywhumple saga. The plot? How about the complete script?

Complete script

A random guy (played by Aaron Hemphill) is sitting down, drinking some Mountain Dew. He hears a noise and goes to check it out. He gets attacked by a fuzzywhumple. The whumple runs to the garage and turns off the power.

Overlaid title: A Fuzzywhumple Christmas.

The random guy goes into the garage and gets choked by a hula hoop. Then Santa Claus (also played by Aaron Hemphill) comes down the chimney, begins to put pine cones in stockings, and gets attacked and killed by the same fuzzywhumple.

End credits, with the Cantina music from Star Wars playing in the background.


I can't think of any at the moment.


Filmed on an 8mm camcorder in about an hour. Hey, we were bored!


  • Um... first seasonal movie?

Lessons learned

I certainly didn't learn anything from this movie.