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Fall 1992; 9 minutes; cast and crew of 5; approximate cost of $0; rated PG.


A very straightforward, albeit poor, production of two scenes from Hamlet: the ghost scene where Hamlet (played by Jimmy Wallace, far right) sees his father and learns who the murderer is--Claudius, Hamlet's uncle, the new King (played by Chris Shattuck)--and the final swordfight betwixt Hamlet and Laertes (played by myself)--Laertes' sword is poisoned, yada yada yada, I'm sure you all know the scene. This movie, like Attack of the Fuzzywhumple, was a school project (this time eighth-grade English).

Probably the most interesting thing about this movie is that it foreshadows not only later Shakespeare movies (Love or Jealousy and, to a lesser extent, Fuzzywhumple Resurrection) but also later movies that somehow feature crossdressing (Invasion of the Fuzzywhumples, Diuretic Park, Love or Jealousy, Prey) because Queen Gertrude (in green, to the right, played by Kevin Feeney) was played by a male. However, this is the only Tokugawa movie in which the actors hold their scripts during the scene.




Like Attack of the Fuzzywhumple, this movie was filmed on a very large, cumbersome, heavy VHS camcorder. However, we learned from our last experience and wisely chose not to walk with the thing or use the zoom lens.


  • First Shakespeare adaptation.
  • First crossdresser.

Lessons learned

  • You'll look more professional if you memorize your lines (see example on right).


  • "Venom, do thy work." (456 K MOV)
    Substitute "incestuous" for "incentious" (is this even a word?) and "union" for "onion," and you'll have Shakespeare's original dialogue.