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The Meaning of Life

January 1996; 4 minutes; cast and crew of 4; approximate cost of $0; rated G.


A ridiculously short work filmed late at night after Huck Finn was finished. It is improvised, but it's based on a short segment in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life in which a waiter tells the camera to follow him ("right this way, come on, over here") as he meanders through hallways, streets, and finally fields. Supposedly he is going to show the audience the meaning of life, but the cameraman gets bored and walks away. Essentially the same thing happens in the Tokugawa Pictures version.


Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. (Note to Mr. Cleese, Mr. Idle, and others: we are not making any money off of your brilliant idea and we acknowledge that it is rightfully yours and do not take credit for it in any way.)


Filmed with a camera. Hey, we were bored that day!


  • First completely improvised work (foreshadowing The Suburban Samurai and the Adventures of Jeff and, ultimately, Fuzzywhumple Resurrection).

Lessons learned

I don't think we learned anything from this.