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Suburban Samurai 2

Single scene filmed in Spring 1997; cast and crew of 2; approximate cost of $0; not rated.


Unfinished and barely conceived in the first place, Suburban Samurai 2 has no plot to speak of. The one scene filmed is the opening scene: a kimono-wearing street punk observes that "Now that the Suburban Samurai is gone, I can do whatever I want! Come to think of it, I haven't beaten up a [insert homophobic slur here] in weeks!" The street punk soon finds a victim, but the latter does not go down without a fight. After this scene, I had the vague notion of resurrecting the Suburban Samurai through some sort of Haitian Voodoo ritual so he could take down the new punk gangs, but that's about all I knew of the plot.


There are only two characters in the single filmed scene of Suburban Samurai 2: the street punk (right) and his victim (left).

Of course, the Suburban Samurai would have also been in the movie had it been finished.


The fight scene, like those in the first Suburban Samurai, is inspired by the work of Jackie Chan.


The same "live dubbing" technique used in the original was employed here. The cuts with both actors in it were filmed with a tripod, as we did not have a third person around that day to operate the camera.


This is the first (and only) unfinished Tokugawa movie. There are other unrealized works, but none of them lived beyond the brainstorming and scripting stages.

Lessons learned

  • It's hard to stick with a movie with an opening fight/death scene as potentially offensive as the one described above. While I can't stand the extreme of political correctness, I think I went too far with this one.
  • Also: Jackie Chan makes ladder fighting look easy. It's rather difficult.