Anime links

All links open in new windows. If you would like to submit a link, email me the URL and I will consider adding it (no guarantees). Please also email me if you find any broken or updated links.

General anime links

  • Anime Web Turnpike: the single most valuable source of anime links you'll find. If this is down, here is the European mirror.
  • Anime on DVD: a comprehensive site dedicated to reviewing and discussing the treatment of anime on DVD. This site has a very professional and informative messageboard which I check and post in regularly (as Duodenum42).
  • anime reviews and more.
  • The Anime Colony: another site with anime reviews.
  • a large messageboard with a lot of individual forums for the most popular anime series.
  • The Chibi Project: don't go here if you like Sailor Moon.

Anime wallpapers links

  • Anime a very large collection of original, high quality anime wallpapers.
  • HaGeShiKu: some of the most amazing anime-based wallpapers I've ever seen. This guy has a great sense of aesthetics.
  • Creative Impulse: a creative endeavor run by Jupe and myself. An ever-growing selection of hi-res wallpapers and more!

3x3 Eyes links

  • a wonderful resource for the 3x3 Eyes fan.

Blood: The Last Vampire links

Cowboy Bebop links

Escaflowne links

Evangelion links

Excel Saga links

FLCL links

  • GAINAX FLCL site: the official site (in Japanese) of FLCL.
  • Synch-Point: the company responsible for the North American release of FLCL.
  • NERV - FLCL: a nice, colorful fansite (in English).
  • FLCL: another fansite with some nice picture galleries (in French).

Jin-Roh links

Kare Kano links

Love Hina links

  • Love Hina: TV Tokyo's official Love Hina website (in Japanese).
  • AI Love Network: official Ken Akamatsu (writer/artist of Love Hina manga) site (in Japanese).
  • Love good Japanese site.
  • Hinata a very nice Love Hina fansite. Includes a Love Hina messageboard.
  • Vai: Love Hina - lovely comedy: another fansite; this one has information on the various Love Hina games for the Game Boy Color, the Playstation, and the Dreamcast.
  • A Love Hina Presence on the Web: pics, pics, and more pics. Awkward site layout, but who cares when you have all these pics, right? Oh, and you gotta love the name of the site.
  • Naru's Diary: another fansite with lots of images and even fanfiction.

Noir links

Perfect Blue links

Princess Mononoke links