What is Tokugawa Pictures?

Tokugawa Pictures is the name of my amateur (i.e. nonprofit) film production company. I made my first movie (Attack of the Fuzzywhumple) in seventh grade as a class assignment, and I made another short movie (Hamlet) for an assignment in eighth grade. In ninth grade I filmed a sequel to Attack of the Fuzzywhumple just for fun, and with this movie I felt we needed a name for our movie-making group. I was taking Japanese at the time, and my chosen Japanese name was Takashi Tokugawa (or Tokugawa Takashi, in Japanese order), so I named our little group Tokugawa Pictures. Since its nameless start, Tokugawa Pictures has produced 16 works, 8 of which are feature films (each ranging from 27 to 108 minutes in length).

The major works

Invasion of the Fuzzywhumples (Fuzzywhumples 2)
Diuretic Park
Diuretic Park 2: The Revenge of the Fuzzywhumples (Fuzzywhumples 3)
The Escape
Love or Jealousy
Diuretic Park 3: The Lost World
Fuzzywhumple Resurrection (Fuzzywhumples 5)

The minor works

Attack of the Fuzzywhumple (Fuzzywhumples 1)
A Fuzzywhumple Christmas (Fuzzywhumples 4)
Huck Finn
The Meaning of Life
Indiana Atom and the Search for the Holy Quark
The Suburban Samurai and the Adventures of Jeff
Strange People
Suburban Samurai 2 (unfinished)


How to prepare and enjoy SPAM™ Luncheon Meat
Collected video clips (down for now)

Legal note

Tokugawa Pictures never has, and never will, make money on its movies which contain or use in any fashion copyrighted material (mostly such material is in the form of motion picture scores or popular music albums). There are a few exceptions to this, such as Prey, which contains an original soundtrack and does not in any way utilize the intellectual property of others.