About this site

Temple of Duodenum is a personal homepage showcasing David Benjamin's works (his amateur movies released under the Tokugawa Pictures label, as well as some very unimpressive photos) and a few of his literary interests and sources of inspiration (namely, the writing of Philip K. Dick as well as a varied assortment of Japanese animation). Please note that the Temple of Duodenum is neither associated with religious architecture nor with digestive organs.

About the webmaster

David Benjamin, a.k.a. Duodenum, Duodenum42, Duo, or just Dude, designed another site before this one for his "Tokugawa Pictures" company, but he would like to forget about that site. He enjoys writing creative fiction (mostly science fiction novels and short stories) and would like to make a living as a New York Times best-selling author. However, knowing that his favorite author (Hugo Award-winning Philip K. Dick) once had to eat horse meat because he couldn't afford human food, he realizes that he'll probably need another (paying) job to support himself while he writes. To this end, he plans on using his B.A. in English to teach Literature or Writing, or do some sort of copyediting.

Besides writing, reading, making movies with friends, and watching anime, David likes to paint, play tennis, play cross-country croquet, snowboard, camp, climb rocks and mountains, fight with boffer swords and quarter-staffs, weave chain mail armor , see movies and plays, ride his bike, eat, go to the bathroom, and sleep. David does not like to find deadly spiders in his house, as he is arachnophobic.

His other websites include his Shigeru Aoba shrine and his Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door site. He regularly produces wallpapers for Creative Impulse.

Contact information

Email David with questions, comments, suggestions, and hate mail at this address.